Gardens and Memorials

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Our gardens are intended to be a visual sign of the love of God and are chosen as a mission of this church to teach His word to all who visit.

Encouraging good stewardship of our God-given property is a priority for the Gardens and Memorials Committee, and we invite you to experience the living memorials along the prayer walk, Eternity Garden in the circle in front, and the Azalea Gardens and the gardens throughout the campus.

We have a number of living memorials in our gardens. Placing a tree, shrub, bench or other living plant is a lovely way to have a permanent reminder of a loved one and new memorials are always welcome. You can donate a single item or sponsor a complete garden or volunteer to work with the Gardens & Memorials Committee. Call the Church Office for more information.

Driveway in the Summer


Memorial Gardens

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Prayer Walk

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Other Gardens

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Children’s Playground

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